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New Airstep tight walker

New Airstep tight walker

Discover Walker 2.0

Airstep tight walker by Orthoservice Ro+Ten is the Walker 2.0 is easy to put on (in just 5 steps) and available in two versions (normal and short) to satisfy every need.

These are its main feat:

  1. Reinforcing shells on the front and back, for increased stability
  2. Inflatable air pads for optimum fit to the limb and improved stability
  3. Structure in lightweight, sturdy plastic; terminal part in rubbery material
  4. Integrated pump to inflate/ deflate the padding
  5. Sole in non-slip material
  6. Optional padding for additional adaptation to the leg

To discover more, please click here:

Airstep tight walker

Airstep tight walker short

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