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  1. TOP 4-S - Shoulder brace
  2. TOP 4-S - Shoulder brace
  3. TOP 4-S - Shoulder brace
  4. TOP 4-S - Shoulder brace
  5. TOP 4-S - Shoulder brace
  6. TOP 4-S - Shoulder brace
  7. TOP 4-S - Shoulder brace
04-3d-fabric 10-silver-fiber 15-radio-lucent 30-single-patient-multiple-use

Top 4-S

Shoulder brace with immobiliser in external rotation of 10° or 15°

  • Product code : ME410
Colour black
specify right or left  

  • High density foam pad with gauze fabric cover made of silver fiber in contact with the body
  • Pad with front edge to improve stability.  Tilted toward arm support for a better comfort
  • Protection neck sleeve
  • Cover and sleeves made of external gauze nylon to be fastened with Velcro ®
  • Arm pocket support made of breathable material
  • Adjustable straps with buckles and Velcro ® fastening system
  • Supporting strap for thumb
  • Abduction of 10° or 15°, driven application and positioning of arm pocket on pad

  • Post surgery (in abduction) to repair rotator cuff and soft tissue, glenoid labrum suture, capsular stabilisation


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