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  1. ELBO - Elbow brace
  2. ELBO - Elbow brace
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Elbow Brace with graduated movement

  • Product code : MB1014
Arm circ. max. cm20/2828/40
Forearm circ. max cm20/2725/35
specify right or left 

Option: MB1015 Neutral hand support system for Elbo 

Option: MB1016 Prono-supination hand support for Elbo

  • Adjustable position of arm and forearm
  • PE plastic to fit with the patient. Pad made of double layer MTP
  • Fabric made of silver fiber in contact with the body (anti-bacterial and odor-free)
  • Strap
  • Articulated element made of light aluminum alloy and steel junction:
    • Adjustable extension from 0° to 90° (10° step).
    • Adjustable flexion from 0° to 90° (10° step).
    • Possible joint block from flexion from 0° to  90° every 10°.

  • Stable fractures of elbow, distal humerus, radius and proximal ulna
  • Post-surgery immobilization due to tendons and ligaments repair
  • Use for rehabilitation after conservative and surgical treatments of elbow fractures
  • Elbow luxation and subluxation
  • Elbow chronic injuries
  • Elbow hyperextension
  • Post-traumatic treatment


2 accessories available for "elbo"

Option Elbo
Option Elbo Neutral hand support system for Elbo
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Option Elbo
Option Elbo Prono-supination hand support for Elbo
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