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  1. GENUSKILL 04 - Tubular knee brace
  2. GENUSKILL 04 - Tubular knee brace
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GenuSKILL 04

Tubular knee brace with patella stabiliser

  • Product code : M33104
Thigh circ. taken 15 cm   above mid-patella33/3939/4545/5252/5858/6666/75
Lenght cm343434343434
fits right and left      

  • Structure made of BreathSkill:
    • soft and breathable
    • 3D fabric
    • high resistant mesh
  • FlexSkill front support (bi-layer technical fabric)  with special low profile anti-irritation welding  seam
  • Patella stabilizer
  • CompresSkill back support:
    • Stretchy multi-fiber and compression material
    • Ultra-low profile anti-irritation for better comfort (knee flexion)
    • Fully adaptable
    • Perfect adherence
  • Medial and lateral stays to keep brace correctly positioned

  • Knee pain due to bruises
  • Early stage arthrosis
  • Chondropathy/ Chondromalacia patella
  • Mild patella instability
  • Prevention of patella luxation during sports


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