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  1. ORTHO 14-805 - Walker
15-radio-lucent 30-single-patient-multiple-use

ORTHO 14-805

Walker (pediatric)

  • Product code : MOFT805
Size XL
Shoe size 23/25 26/28 29/31
Height from   
ground cm   222527
fits right and left   

  • Structure made from lightweight, durable plastic
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Inner padding of the sole is made from non-toxic Evazote®
  • Struts held in place with Velcro® for a firm grip on the padding
  • Soft foam pad with double lining in brushed nylon for Velcro ®  fastening
  • Velcro® fastening straps

  • Conservative treatment of malleolar fractures
  • Severe sprains grade 3
  • Post-surgical phase after osteosynthesís of ankle fractures, stabilisation of ligament injuries of the ankle and Achilles tendoni
  • Stable foot, ankle, tibia and distal fibula fractures


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