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  1. ORTHO 14-105 - Bivalve cervical collar with tracheal hole (pediatric)
01-anatomical-fit 15-radio-lucent 30-single-patient-multiple-use

ORTHO 14-105

Bivalve cervical collar with tracheal hole (pediatric)

  • Product code : MOFT105 I MOFT105P
SizeKids 0 – 3 years oldKids 4 – 9 years old
Colour beige 

  • Non-toxic PLASTAZOTE® structure
  • Consists of two enveloping valves with Velcro® closure
  • Central front and back rigid support plates
  • Radiolucent
  • Shaped for perfect fit at chin, neck and shoulders
  • Trachea hole

  • Medium severity to severe distortion of the cervical spine (whiplash)
  • Multiple discopathies of the cervical spine
  • Cervical spine traumas
  • Pathological instability as a result of cervical spine metastases
  • Support of Post-surgical spinal surgery care


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